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Medical papers and books published

S.K. Ofori-Kwakye, M.B. Lipman, and S.M. Buckley: immunofluorescence electron microscopy study of Orungo virus morphology and morphogenesis in Ades pseudo scute/lariscells. Chapter 32, Invertebrate Systems in Vitro, pg 353-363. Elsevier (1980).


Ofori-Kwakye Stephen K, M.D.; Tyberg, Theodore, M.D.; Geha, Alexander S, M.D.; Hammond, Graeme L, M.D.; Cohen, Lawrence S, M.D.; Langou, Rene A, M.D.: Late Cardiac Tamponade After Open Heart Surgery: Role of Anticoagulants in its Pathogenesis and Its Relationship to the Postpericardiotomy Syndrome. Circulation Volume 63(6) June 1981 p. 1323-1328.


Wang A.M., Fischer E.G., Ofori-Kwakye S.K., Rambough C.L. and Lewis M.L.: Posterior fossa ependymal cyst and atlantoaxial subluxation in a patient with Down's Syndrome. CT findings. J Comput.asst. Tomogr. 8: 783-787 (1984).


Ofori-Kwakye S.K., Wang A.M., Morris J.H., O'Reilly G.V., Fischer, E.G. and Rambough C.L.: Septation and focal dilatation of ventricle associated with cryptococcal meningoencephalitis. Surg.Neurol25: 253-260 (1986).

Fischer E.G., Lorenzo AV, Landis WJ, Welch K, Ofori-Kwakye S.K., Dorval B, Hodgens KJ, Kerr CS: Vasculature to the germinal matrix in rabbit pups. J Neurosurg. 1986 Apr; 6(4):650-6.

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